Klassiek leren zitmeubels - Mol & Geurts
Klassiek leren zitmeubels - Mol & Geurts

Saigon 2.5 sits


Relax in the Saigon

A classic design with modern influences. The Saigon is a model that fits perfectly between the classic English models. A model with elegant lines, striking details, and beautifully designed round arm rests The excellent shape provides good support for your back. The Berger Saigon (men’s armchair) comes in two versions: Standard and Large. With the large version, seat depth, seat height and back height have been adjusted, which is ideal for tall people. A pillow is supplied with the Saigon bergere, bergere Large, and relax chair

Specifications & Ideas

  • Model: Saigon

  • Available as: couch and armchair

  • TIP: A combination of fabric and leather